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Beef cold storage is a temperature-controlled storage facility designed to store and preserve beef products at specific temperature and humidity conditions.

Cold room for cow meat

Our cold storage factory has successfully completed a beef cold storage project in Cameroon. The cold storage is equipped with refrigeration systems, insulated panels, and other temperature control devices to maintain the ideal storage conditions. The beef products are stored in the cold storage to ensure their freshness, quality, and safety, and can be transported to markets or other destinations as needed. The cold storage can vary in size and temperature range depending on the specific requirements of the beef products being stored.

The cold room measures 9000x6000x3000mm ,with custom Hinged cold room door ,size: 2mx2m, 150mm thick

It is designed to store freshly slaughtered beef at a temperature of -20°C.

The 150mm thick cold storage panels ensure maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

Equipped with 10 units of 5KW refrigeration units/Cooling System Unit and accessories

Our beef cold storage solution in Cameroon is equipped with advanced refrigeration systems to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, which is critical to ensure the quality and freshness of the beef. The system is also designed with energy-saving features to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive services for cold storage construction, including project design, equipment installation, and after-sales support. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Choose our cold storage solutions for your beef storage needs, and rest assured that your products will be stored in a safe and efficient environment that maximizes their shelf life and quality.

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    1. There is a concept that in hot climates, why not orientate buildings such that a large fan shape exists running north south, maximising the potential cooling normal to the axis most prominent to the exposure to solar gain, i.e., North and South Elevations?

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