ISO 9001:2008


Since 1994

Leading Provider

Cold Room Manufacturer

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ISO 9001:2008


Since 1994

Leading Provider

Cold Room Manufacturer


We started with a simple idea.

Yangtzecooling Ice System Co.Ltd was founded in 2012, by a group of partners with 20 years of work experience in the refrigeration industry. Mature refrigeration technology experience and rich export work experience have let the swift growth of the company’s business, the company industry, and trade integration and management of refrigeration plant products and trade services. Many 10 years of work in the refrigeration industry had accumulated a series of refrigeration product supply chains, provide for customers with high-effect and efficient ice makers, cold storage, and other related products installation service work. After many years of hard work, we have expanded our technique staff to overseas trade in many import and export products and services, such as fish continue companies, food companies, farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, chemical industry, medical treatment, hotels, etc. from field design, production, installation, debugging, maintenance, and open the refrigeration technology import and export business. The refrigeration business is the core business, for the company’s Internet support service, which has formed a perfect online spread and offline trade industry ring, providing customers with a more professional and comfortable service experience. Clod storage: Blast cold storage, Frozen Cold Room, Chiller Cold Storage, air-cooling units, Water-Cooled Unit, Accessories, and Refrigeration engineering Projects and other project services.

We are growing 28
years, production of cold room insulation panels serving 500+ frozen clients in more than 50 countries.



Sales Director



Lee lin

Project Engineer

Marx Ma

Branch office for USA

Cold Room Design

Customized Any Size
According to the customer’s layout or requirements of the cold room project. we fully support design and customize to meet the project.

Metal Plate Cutting Production

We have a series of plate processing equipment, such as plate shears, bending machines, cutting machines, etc. to cut according to different cold storage sizes of customers.

Panels Molding Line

Coldroom panels Foam
We have molding of different thicknesses with 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm.Max length 11000mm (any length can accept customize Max Width: 950mm/900mm/850mm/750mm/725mm . Corner Panel: 475mm x 475mm

PU Foaming Machine

Injection Foaming Line
We have more than 8 PU panel foaming production lines, 2units door foaming production lines and 3 corner PU panel production lines Monthly Capacity more 20000M2

Refrigeration unit assembly

Cooling System with Cold Room
We are VIP customers of brand compressors BITZER, GEA, COPELAND.)

Installation inspection

Cold Room Body Installation
After the production of each cold storage is completed, we will install and test it to strictly ensure that it is customized according to the drawings

Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Unit
Online Technical Support with 7*24hrs Onsite Technical Support for project if need.

Long-term cooperation

Remote guidance
Through regular remote refrigeration monitoring and guidance, customers’ cold storage can run more stably and have a longer service life

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