Turn-key/Integrated cooling system with Cold Room

Our turn-key/integrated cooling system with cold room offers customizable solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. The size of the cold room, temperature range, location of the cooling unit, door opening mode, and storage layout can all be tailored to meet individual requirements. Our system is ideal for low-temperature freezing of food products, with temperatures ranging from -15℃ to -45℃. Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and efficient cooling solution that meets their unique needs.

Integrated cold storage

Integrated cold storage refers to a complete, turn-key cooling system that includes both the cold storage room and the cooling equipment necessary to maintain the desired temperature inside the room. This type of system is designed to be easily installed and operated by the end-user, with minimal additional customization or installation required. Integrated cold storage can be customized to meet specific size, temperature, and layout requirements, and can be used for a variety of applications, including food storage, pharmaceuticals, and more. By providing a complete solution, integrated cold storage can help businesses save time and money while ensuring that their products are stored in optimal conditions.

Processing plant for food, fish, meat, and fruits/vegetables.

Cold room size: 20ft 40feet container size, or customized accept

Stand up evaporator unit, the compressor unit is connected with the evaporator, and there is no need to install and connect lines and pipelines on site.

The commissioning has been completed before leaving the factory and the temperature is set at –40C. The customer only needs to assemble the cold room panel on site, connect the power of the unit, and the cold storage can operate.

  • Save loading space, equipment installation free, no need for professional refrigeration technicians to install at site
  • Simple on-site installation and operation,
  • The temperature can be adjusted automatically, with a minimum of – 40℃,
  • Strong blast freezing ability, high efficiency and intelligent integration, energy-saving quickly freezing cold storage.
  • Can accept any size customization,
  • Save installation cost, ensure quality, and have no excellent after-sales service.

For example:1-2 tons, 2-5 tons, quick freezing -40℃ customization within 4-8 hours, and senior design can customize the scheme for you.

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