We use Bitzer, Copeland, Emerson, and other famous compressor unit manufacturers to act with united strength, according to user needs to make various types of refrigeration units. from 2HP to 50HP refrigeration system used with different temperature requests to meet likes chiller, freezer, or blast freezer. We uphold the principle of good faith, to provide users with high-quality equipment, quality engineering, quality services.

Cooling System Unit

With Bitzer, Copeland, Danvers, Emerson and other world famous manufacturers to act with united strength, according to user needs to make various types of refrigeration units.

The selection of compressor and accessories is very important in the design of refrigeration system of cold storage. It is related to the safe and reliable operation of refrigeration system, and also directly affects the service life of compressor and accessories and the economic benefits of users.


  • In order to prevent insufficient oil pressure, an oil pressure device is provided.
  • In order to reduce the exhaust temperature, the user can select the cylinder head fan.
  • Large refrigeration capacity, and the COP s 20% higher than that of other brands of compressors.
  • Good low temperature performance. For R22 refrigerant, the evaporation temperature of single-stage compressor can reach -40 ℃. Bitzer compressor unit is used for a variety of refrigerants (R22, R502, R134a, R404A, R507).

A large horse power of compressors, such as 40HP, are started with split coils to reduce the starting current and the impact on the power grid. The motor has specially designed technical parameters and newly developed stator and rotor components, which increase the efficiency and power factor.
Special valve plate design, high efficiency and stability, long service life.
The built-in motor overload protector can effectively protect the motor from overload and overheating due to the increased load of the refrigeration system or insufficient refrigerant return air volume of the refrigeration system.

Bitzer compressor is widely used, which is divided into medium high temperature and low temperature type

High temperature evaporation temperature can reach 12.5 ℃,
The evaporation temperature of low-temperature single-stage compressor can reach (R22) -40 ℃,
The evaporation temperature of two-stage compressor can reach (R22) -50 ℃.
If R404A or r507 is used, the evaporation temperature is lower, up to -70 ℃.

BOCK(GEA) compressor used in cold storage equipment mainly adopts semi enclosed compressor and two-stage semi enclosed compressor.
Most marine refrigeration compressors use bock compressors. Its oil tank is deeper than that of other brands with the same quality, which is more suitable for use in harsh environments and more stable.
IP66 electrical protection grade
Motor protection of MP10 module, with motor overheating protection, high exhaust temperature protection, power indicator, alarm function, etc

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