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We supply a chicken cold storage solution in the Philippines, cold storage for whole chickens.

Philippines chickens cold room project

We supply a chicken cold storage solution in the Philippines, designed to accommodate various processing stages, including pre-cooling, quick-freezing, and cold storage for whole chickens.

The quick-freezing room measures 4000x5000x3000mm and requires a temperature range of -30 to -35 degrees Celsius.

The cold storage room measures 13000x20000x3000mm and can store up to 400 tons of frozen chicken. The required temperature range for this room is -20 degrees Celsius.

Our cold room panels are 150mm thick and we use sliding doors that are also 150mm thick.

Our solution is designed to ensure that the whole chicken is stored and processed at optimal temperatures, ensuring freshness and quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your cold storage needs in the Philippines.

Choose Yangtzecool

Our team has customized the design of the cold storage units according to the specific needs of the supermarket and the local climate. Philippines has a tropical climate with high humidity, which poses a challenge for maintaining the temperature and freshness of products. However, our cold storage units are equipped with advanced refrigeration systems that can withstand the high humidity and ensure that the products are kept at optimal temperature and quality.

At Yangtzecool, we have worked with several supermarkets in Philippines to design and install customized cold storage solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our solutions include advanced refrigeration systems, high-quality insulation materials, and efficient temperature controls to ensure optimal storage conditions for different types of goods. By leveraging our expertise in cold storage solutions, we have helped supermarkets in Philippines to increase their efficiency, reduce waste, and provide fresher products to their customers.

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