Portable Cold Storage(Portable Cold Room) is generally a steel structure framework, supplemented by thermal insulation wall, top cover and underframe, which meet the functional requirements of thermal insulation, moisture-proof and cooling. The thermal insulation of mobile integrated cold storage is mainly composed of thermal insulation wall (wall), top plate (patio plate), bottom plate, door, support plate and base. They are assembled and fixed with special structural child and mother hooks to ensure excellent heat insulation and air tightness of the cold storage.


Portable Cold Storage can be combined arbitrarily according to the requirements of users. The small cold storage can reach several tons, and the large cold storage can reach tens of thousands of tons. It can be divided into several compartments at any time. Different specifications can be used. The warehouse is equipped with two kinds of cooling fans or evaporation exhaust pipes.

There are stainless steel and color coated steel plate on the surface of cold storage insulation board. The insulation material is polyurethane (PU) cold storage board for users to choose.

Fresh keeping cold room : 5 ℃ ~ – 5 ℃
Freezer cold room -10℃ ~ – 18 ℃
Blast cold room :-35 ℃ ~ – 40 ℃

For example:1-2 tons, 2-5 tons, quick freezing -40℃ customization within 4-8 hours, and senior design can customize the scheme for you.

Save installation cost, ensure quality, and have no excellent after-sales service.

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