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An ice block cold room is a type of cold storage designed to store ice blocks at a temperature below freezing point

Ice block cold room commonly used in industries that require large quantities of ice, such as fishing, seafood processing, and meat processing. The ice block cold room is typically made of high-density polyurethane panels, which provide excellent insulation and prevent the ice blocks from melting. The temperature inside the cold room can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the application. It is an essential component of any ice-based industry and can help ensure the freshness and quality of the products.


Projects specifications

Our cold storage factory has successfully completed a project for an ice block cold storage in Kenya with the following specifications:

The rise of eco labels has implications for everybody, as we are all consumers, but there also specific implication Storage capacity of 2 tons of store ice blocks
Cold room size of 5750mm x 2400mm x 2100mm
Temperature requirement of -10 degrees Celsius
Insulation cold room panel thickness of 150mm
Equipped with a sliding cold storage door with a thickness of 150mm
Configure one 3 HP refrigeration unit and related accessories for anybody involved in the design of products and the selection of materials.

The cold storage is equipped with high-quality 150mm thick insulation panels to ensure excellent thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The panels are made of polyurethane and double-sided metal plates, which are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and wear, ensuring the long-term durability of the cold room.

Our team of experienced engineers has designed and installed a reliable refrigeration system, ensuring consistent and stable temperature control inside the cold room. The cold room is easy to use, maintain, and clean. With our advanced technology and high-quality materials, our ice block cold storage provides a perfect solution for the safe and efficient storage of ice blocks in Kenya.


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